Recharge your mobile through BSNL Selfcare app with voucher more than Rs.249 and Get 2% discount.


 Recharge your mobile through BSNL Selfcare App with PV-666 and STV-299,398,499 &599 to get 3GB Data Extra


Free SIM Offer:-

BSNL offer!!! 3G(if available) /4G SIM  free to new customers and MNP port-ins activations with Plan Vouchers of denomination RS.100/- and above w.e.f. 01.07.2024 to 30.09.2024 with the following conditions:-


1.    Promotional offer of free of cost 3G (If available)/ 4G SIM) card is offered against new connection/ MNP activation with FRC value > RS.100/- through all sales channel partners.

2.    There is no Free SIM offer for FRC value < Rs.100/-

3.    There is capping for any sale channel including CSC for New activation/MNP as per the SIM sale slab proposed below:-

Channel                    Min. No. of SIM sale/month

1.    DSC                           10 SIMs

2.    RD                              50 SIMs

3.    Franchisee                200 SIMs

4.    CSCs                         100% Free SIM against New activation

As per above slab no. of free SIMs are to be given to  channel partner according to their SIM sale of previous month.

5.  Free SIM will be given on achievement of capping/Slab of minimum sale and the sale channel will be recouped with equal quantity of total no. of SIM sale of previous month.

6.    CSC shall keep the record of mobile numbers of SIM sold and submit the record to AO for claim of Free SIMs.

7.  Sales channel wise detail of justified count of FREE SIM card will be calculated at each BA level after due verification on the basis of FRC > Rs.100/- based activation from system.


BSNL Reduced SIM replacement charges from RS.100 to Rs.50 w.e.f. 24.06.2019.